Ludwig Black Magic Snare Black 5X14

Marching Snare Drums
The Ludwig Black Magic Snare Drums has a classic formula black nickel-over-brass shell for a more aggressive musical age. Based on Ludwig's Black Beauty Snare Drums, the Black Magic Snare delivers volume, tonal clarity, and optimal snare response. Black Magic Snare upgrades include matching die-cast hoops for increased volume, and tube-style lugs for maximum shell resonance.

Black nickel-over-brass shellMatching black-nickel die-cast hoopsTube-style lugs

Galaxy Hot Spot 7

Stage Monitors
Don't depend on the house guy to meet your monitor needs. Galaxy's Hot Spot 7 puts your monitor right where you need it (you can even mount this lightweight guy on a mic stand). Best of all, the Hot Spot 7 gives you a volume control, so you can dial in exactly what you need, when you need it. Nothing breaks those spellbinding onstage moments for the crowd like a singer who looks like he or she is giving the "thumbs up" sign for absolutely no apparent reason. Now, you can turn up (or turn down) your monitor volume yourself. That's peace of mind, my friend.

Model# HS7