BOSS Audio HP12 Infrared Foldable Cordless Headphone

Car Headphones
RangeView larger FoldableView larger Range The transmitter from several of our monitors sends a high quality stereo signal which can be received by the HP12 wireless infrared headphones. The best sound will be obtained if you sit directly in front of the monitor, within 6 feet. If you choose to sit on either side of the monitor you can expect the same great reception within 35 degrees to the left or the right of the monitor. Foldable The earpieces of the HP32 fold inwards for easy storage and practicality. Installation Precautions Do not install components in areas which are susceptible to rain, moisture, direct sunlight, extreme heat or cold, excessive dust, dirt, or humidity.Use only the installation parts and hardware provided with the unit to insure proper installation. Using other parts can cause malfunction and possible damage to your headphones.Use only a power source with 12 volts DC (negative ground).Before final installation, temporarily connect the wiring according to the diagram provided in your user manual and check it to ensure that it has been connected properly as well as tested. View larger Specifications Transmission system: Infrared lightCarrier frequencies: 2.3/3.2MHz (left channel) - 2.8/3.8MHz (right channel)Distortion: Less than 1%S/N ratio: Greater than 60 dBChannel separation: Greater than 40 dBFrequency response: 30Hz – 20KHzPower source: 2 x AAA batteriesCurrent consumption: 25 mA max (during play) / 15 mA (muted)

MyIDDr - Pre Engraved - Coumadin Medical Alert ID Bracelet, Pink Symbol

TAKING Coumadin medical bracelet is engraved with information to assist you in an emergency. (see photos) Item is made from steel, and has a fine brushed finish on the front to assist with hiding wear and tear.  The back of the medical ID tag also has a brushed finish which enhances the visibility of the engraving.   Medical ID bracelets should be worn on the left arm at all times. This medical bracelet will not tarnish and can be worn in and out of the shower and bath without any issue. The stainless steel is strong and durable for everyday use and can with stand normal wear and tear without issue.  The chain is adjustable using proper tools if needed. This item is perfect for kids 13+ and adults. This medical alert bracelet also has a lifetime warranty for the engraving. The medical tag is engraved in a bold BLACK font which makes it easy for Doctors and Paramedics to easily read your medical ID.  (see photos) The brushed finish helps prevent glare to allow legibility regardless of the lighting.  This medical ID bracelet is the best bracelet in times of an emergency, and wearing it will give you the peace of mind you need. ** LIFETIME ENGRAVING WARRANTY  covers this piece of medical jewelry if engraving is ever worn off without intentional harm to the medical ID tag. Item will need to be sent back to My Identity Doctor and return shipping/handling is paid by the buyer.

Recommended wrist size 5" - 9" - Item can be adjusted with proper tools
BLACK Engraving With LIFETIME WARRANTY - Highly Recommended For Your Safety (see Photos) - Warranty Provided by My Identity Doctor
Medical Bracelet Pre-Engraved on the back with - TAKING Coumadin
1.8mm g Curb Chain, sized to 8" - Includes additional 1" extra links to be added if needed
Hypoallergenic Surgical Steel, Non Corrosive, Will Not Tarnish, Water Will Not Affect This Item - Medical ID Wallet Card Included